We Give Teachers their Time Back

Teachers spend thousands of hours each year grading papers and entering scores into gradebooks. BubbleScore gives teachers their time back and makes grading simple. Browse some of the key features below to see how we do it:

BubbleSheet Scanning *

Scan plain paper bubblesheets right from your own web or document camera! Whether open answer or multiple-choice, BubbleScore's paper bubblesheet scanning solution saves you time. Answer sheets are automatically created for you and can be easily printed. After students have filled in the answer sheets with any color pen or pencil, simply hold them in front of your web or document camera, and scores are immediately populated into your BubbleScore class. Scoring is automatic and feedback on missed questions is instant.
*(Powered by GradeCam™ Technology)


Replace that paper answer sheet! The iPod allows students to simply touch their multiple choice answers. With the iPod, you can give tests, assignments, quizes that YOU create or easily give ones from a book or other content provider. Download the FREE BubbleSheet app from the iTunes™ app store on the classroom devices and have students launch the app. Create your test or assignment and put in an answer key. With the iPod, scoring happens automatically. Watch as scores instantly appear in your BubbleScore class. Scores are immediately ready for easy export to ANY gradebook or SIS.



The iPad displays any assignment/test/quiz YOU create in Word or PDF along with the electronic bubble sheet for touch input of answers. Download the FREE BubbleSheet app from the iTunes™ app store. Create your test or assignment and put in an answer key. With the iPad, scoring happens automatically. Watch as scores appear instantly in your BubbleScore class. Scores are immediately ready for easy export to ANY gradebook or SIS.


Computer Online

Online scoring of students is as simple and can be accessed from any supported web broswer. The URL is always the same: www.bubblescore.com/bubblesheet. Students enter the Test ID and their student ID and they can take any test/assignment/quiz that YOU have created or added to your library of assignments. As with the other methods, scores are automatically populated in your BubbleScore class and are ready for quick export.

Export to ANY Gradebook

Scoring is made even easier when you are able to export your scores to any gradebook or student information system. No matter which method you use for scoring assessments, scores can easily be exported using our One-Touch Exporting feature. With the click of one button all scores from an assessment can be exported directly to ANY system that your school or district is using for formal grade reporting.

Assignment Library

Keep and store a library of assignments and tests in your BubbleScore account. When creating assignments, you can upload Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and OpenOffice documents that can be viewed online and downloaded at any time. Files are kept private in your BubbleScore account, and can be added to your BubbleScore classes at any time for scoring and grading.

Integration with MasteryConnect

MasteryConnect empowers teachers to monitor performance of Common Core and state standards, and makes formative assessment and masery tracking of standards simple, social, and real-time. Familiar collaboration tools allow teachers to create, share, and discover core-focused common assessments. Powerful social tools allow teachers to easily connect in an online learning community.


BubbleScore's time-saving assessment tools integrate with your MasteryConnect account making formative assessment of core standards fast and efficient! With a premium MasteryConnect account, BubbleScore's time-saving tools are both integrated as well as linked as a standalone application. With MasteryConnect, you can begin connecting with other teachers around the core and easily track mastery of core standards. To Learn more, visit www.masteryconnect.com or contact a MasteryConnect representative today!